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The definitive collection of everything ever created on the subject of Columbine! Also great books on healing, violence prevention, and spirituality!

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She Said Yes - A Video Tribute to Cassie Bernall

In this 25-minute video tribute, Cassie Bernall's friends and parents relive the Littleton tragedy and describe how the massacre and its aftermath strengthened their faith and gave their lives new meaning. The video includes riveting accounts by survivors and haunting images from that fateful day at Columbine, exclusive footage of Cassie's last years, and interviews with her friends about the impact her short life and sudden death had on them. An excellent springboard for youth group and family discussion.

$43.93 Click to purchase from Amazon.com!

The Untold Stories of Columbine

After you see this video, you will really know Rachel Joy Scott and her father Darrell. You'll know what is possible when a youth dedicates her life to Jesus Christ. You'll know how a senseless tragedy can lead to an incredible change in the lives of so many people. You'll be led to examine your own life, and if you're a parent, how your life has affected your child's life. Then how a young teen's story has affected everyone who hears it, or even hears of it. You'll cry as Darrell Scott selflessly bares his soul and the souls of his family. You'll be uplifted, most of all, and want to share this with everyone you know. And after seeing this video, you'll hit your knees that night and thank Jesus for His mercy in your life. -Tim Sanderford.

"Inspirational to the very core!" -Michael Tamburello

VHS/Color/50 minutes

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A Walk To Remember/Pay It Forward
Double Feature

A Walk To Remember: When bad boy Landon (Shane West) is cast opposite the campus bookworm (Mandy Moore) in a school play, no one expects romance to bloom. Despite peer pressure and strict parents, the newly minted lovebirds forge a heartfelt bond ... until tragedy tears them apart. This adaptation of Nicholas Sparks's pulpy best-seller provides teen pop sensation Moore her first starring role -- and lets viewers clean out their tear ducts.

In Pay it Forward: Young Trevor McKinney (Haley Joel Osment) responds to an assignment from his teacher (Kevin Spacey) with a plan to help three people … who will help three more, and so on, in an ever-widening circle. Trevor touches more people than he expected in director Mimi Leder's gentle drama: his abused mother Arlene (Helen Hunt), his physically and emotionally scarred teacher and a journalist who hears of the plan and starts investigating. -Netflix.

This is a great bonus DVD featuring two great classics in the spirit of Cassie Bernall and Rachel Scott!

"A double-feature MUST-SEE!" -Michael Tamburello

DVD/Color/Total Time: 225 minutes/PG

$13.94 Click to purchase from Amazon.com!



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