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The Official CD of the Lullaby For Columbine
Project featuring
Rachael Lampa, Adrian Belew, Danny Oertli, According to John and many more!

Lullaby For Columbine, Love Endures
LFC's benefit CD featuring the definitive collection of 17 songs including "We Will Always Remember" with Rachael Lampa! Includes a 12 page full-color commemorative booklet.

This commemorative CD is designed to "bring unity and emotional and spiritual healing through music to the families and to the hurting Denver community and beyond." Featuring performances by local artists, Columbine students (including Jonathan and Stephen Cohen, whose "Friend of Mine" became an unofficial anthem for survivors), and even King Crimson's Adrian Belew, the album's heartfelt and earnest songs partake of one of music's basic functions: solace. -Rickey Wright/Amazon.Com

"Five Star" reviews from Amazon.com customers!

"When I first listened to it I just started to cry because it just brings out all the emotions that people might have had and that people did have during this terrible thing. It is the best CD I have ever bought & listened to!"

"This was the greatest CD I have ever bought... It was such a heart tugging CD to listen to.. The love and devotion that was put into it was incredible... I would highly recommend this CD to anyone!"

"The music on this CD is very eclectic, and very moving. If you want to help the families, this is a great way."

$9.99 Click to purchase from Amazon.com!

Victory Land/Taylor Mesplé New!
The New CD by Producer of LFC's "We Will Always Remember"!

Taylor Mesple has a story to tell. Taylor's songs speak of yearning and disappointment, but also of hope. Three chords and a spray of mist will not do justice to this subject matter; nor will tired clichés or tidy endings. His songs have the same exquisite shadings as a western sunset and the urgency of a Pacific surf. All this to say, that in order to experience the beauty of this or any other place, one must truly awaken one's senses. Delight in the beauty of these songs; let the sound wash over you. My favorite artists have always been able to shape their stories from their surroundings and engage and inspire us to view life through the lens of their unique perspective. In this stunning and multifaceted recording, Taylor demonstrates he belongs among that exclusive group of artists.

-Russell Ferrante Multiple Grammy Winning Jazz Artist

"A powerfully honest album that everyone can relate to!"

$15.98 Click to purchase from Amazon.com!

Editor's Choice!

Kaleidoscope/Rachael Lampa New!
Rachel's Latest CD featuring "Savior Song"!

What happens when you look at the world through a Kaleidoscope? You see things a bit differently. The same happens when you listen to Rachael Lampa's sophomore CD of the same name. Instead of the meshing of colors, you get meshing of genres of music and instruments. And all the fragments of song topics are slightly different parts making up one whole picture -- the Christian life.
-An Amazon.Com Customer

Kaleidoscope is a myriad of musical style that will change your musical perspective! A great CD containing three songs Rachael co-wrote.

"Five Star" reviews from Amazon.com customers!

$13.99 Click to purchase from Amazon.com!

Editor's Choice!

I Live For You/Rachael Lampa
Hear more of this fabulous 15-year-old singing sensation who debuted on the Lullaby for Columbine CD!

Rachael Lampa is Word Records' captivating answer to the abundance of young pop-star divas in mainstream music. At age 15, Lampa has vocal expertise so far beyond her years that the novelty of a child prodigy is made new again. The label has spared no expense for this talent, bringing in the top producers of the industry - Brown Bannister (Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith) and Brent Bourgeois (Cindy Morgan, Streams)--who have had their hands on this project from the very beginning. As well, songwriters Cindy Morgan, Ginny Owens, Chris Eaton, and others were called upon to bolster Lampa's embryonic song-crafting skills. Live for You is an energetic, intense, and heartfelt debut release. The majority of the album consists of contemporary pop grooves and ballads, with a couple of tracks mining Latin and Middle Eastern sounds. But without exception, each song draws out Lampa's unique gifting as a phenomenon to be marveled at.

"An awesome CD of some of the best Christian music I have ever heard in a long while. Written by top Christian artists, it features the stellar voice of 15 year old Rachael Lampa which transcends that of her other teen contemporaries! A 'must have' for your CD collection!"

-Michael Tamburello, LFC Founder

$13.99 Click to purchase from Amazon.com!

Genuine/Stacie Orrico

At the tender age of 14, Stacie Orrico is poised to become an influential voice of her generation; her debut release Genuine not only unveils a dazzling voice, but it radiates her generation's slick, urban pop cool. Discovered at a Christian artist seminar in 1998, Stacie was signed to Forefront Records at age 12 and has been working with industry heads, fashioning a career since. The songs on this project speak honestly and practically to Stacie's peer group about issues of Christian living, and its urban flair fits right into the mix of mainstream radio. Competing side by side with the likes of Britney Spears, Stacie's first single, the groove-heavy "Don't Look at Me," points to Christ as the only true example of perfection and virtue. This infusion of God's truth into today's urban pop brings a refreshing perspective.

-Israel Button/Amazon.com

$14.49 Click to purchase from Amazon.com!

Freedom/Michael W. Smith

One of Christian music's most celebrated artists, Michael W. Smith has thrown a surprise to the music industry with his 14th release, Freedom. After nearly two decades of awards, hit singles, and gold records, Smith set out to compose something that had been stirring within him for a long time: an instrumental album. Freedom's title track mixes the aggressiveness of a drum cadence, the innocence of a pennywhistle and the beauty of a soaring string section into a majestic and energized soundscape. Crested by a sensitive lead piano played by Michael himself, the majority of this disc is lushly endowed with stringed instruments that swoon with reminiscent sensation. These emotive textures also embrace a distinct British Isles influence that becomes danceable at times, and some classical orchestration that adds regality to the disc. The surprises within this endeavor are Smith's misty-eyed revisiting of the classic praise song "Thy Word," and the electronica-influenced "The Call," where Smith makes his only vocal appearance. We've had snapshots of Smith's instrumental gifts on albums past, but Freedom offers a deep long look into an aspect of Michael W. Smith's creativity that has until now been waiting to bloom fully.

-Israel Button/Amazon.com

$7.88 Click to purchase from Amazon.com! Great Price!

Editor's Choice!


This Is Your Time/Michael W. Smith
- Companion CD

Michael W. Smith laid the foundation for his career back in the mid-1980s with a strong appeal and focus on the youth of America. The title track is the most gripping, a moving tribute to those students slain at the Columbine High School tragedy. Some of Smith's best work here comes in the quieter pieces, such as "I Will Be Your Friend," "She Walks with Me," and "Anna." And again, he can rev it up with the anthemic "Hey You It's Me" and "I Still Have the Dream."

$14.99 Click to purchase from Amazon.com!

Roaring Lambs - The CD

Not only is Roaring Lambs packed with fine artists, it has vision, superior quality, and brand-new, unreleased songs. The disc is a companion piece to the late Emmy Award-winning television producer Bob Briner's respected, thought-provoking book Roaring Lambs, which challenges Christians to get out from behind the church walls and become culture-shaping influences in society at large. With songs that are based on and in response to this book, musicians who were influenced by Briner have joined together to sustain his challenge. These artists, well respected for their creative integrity, have each already brought their work beyond the Christian subculture and into mainstream society. With old-timers like Steve Taylor and the cutting-edge band Delirious, the result is some of the best Christian music to date. Catchy, innovative, and diverse, this project hits its mark, raising the standard for Christian musicians and culture-shapers everywhere.

$13.99 Click to purchase from Amazon.com!

Editor's Choice!

Heaven & Earth: A Tapestry of Worship

One of the most underappreciated releases of 1999, Heaven & Earth features some of the most exciting and creative female talent in the Christian music world. Michelle Tumes's worshipful ballad "For the Glory of Your Name" leads off the release, and could be one of her better recording efforts. Producer John Hartley, who wrote and managed this pleasing project, magically segues Tumes's wistful number into Jennifer Knapp's Celtic-oriented "Whisper My Name." It's a device tastefully used throughout as artists Nichole Nordeman, Margaret Becker, and Rebecca St. James blend one into the other. The seamless threading of Tumes's "My Dwelling Place" into St. James's "River of Life" explains why these singers are so well drawn together. Although stylistically different, each woman approaches the music in a spirit of worship. This is so much more than a collection: it's truly a well-woven celebration of talent. -Michael Lyttle/Amazon.Com

"An uplifting compilation for healing! Permanently stored in my CD changer for Sunday morning listening!"
-G. Daniel Hatstat/LFC Advisory Board Member

$14.49 Click to purchase from Amazon.com!


Based on the concept of healing in times of crisis, Streams combines the talents of contemporary Christian music heavy hitters and the Irish Film Orchestra (who contribute a lavish orchestral suite) in an anthem of comfort for the weary, the hurting, and the spiritually impoverished. From Cindy Morgan's broken-voiced lamentation on "Job" to Chris Rodriguez's plea on "Sanctuary," Streams speaks directly to Christians in times of need, a subject not oft explored in CCM. Brighter territory is surveyed on Sixpence None the Richer's inspirational pop gem "Breathe" and on Jaci Velasquez's breathily angelic rendering of the Michelle Tumes-penned "I Will Rest in You." Intriguing pairings include Jon Anderson of Yes with modern-day soldiers of faith 4Him, Amy Grant's supporting tour of duty on the Delirious-led "Find Me in the River," and a slightly revised version of Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up," which features a duet by Irish songbird Maire Brennan and Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers. -Paige La Grone/Amazon.Com

$14.99 Click to purchase from Amazon.com!



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