Fall/Winter 2002

"I see Columbine as a garden that was filled with beautiful life that suddenly and tragically died.
Through the shock of such a tragedy, it has also unexpectedly given birth to new life that will blossom and continue to grow."

Enjoying the Roses
Along the Way

by Nina Tamburello

Sometimes, there are things that happen in your life that affect and transform you in a major way. Columbine was a tragedy, but many good things have come from it and I believe any tragedy can have something good from it and inspire people.

Spiritually, I have grown so much. Back in the eighth grade, which seems like eons ago, I attended a Christian school, but didnít have a relationship with God, and I didnít have the awesome friends I have now to keep me in line. Now that I am a senior in high school, I have direction in my lifeĖdirection that Columbine played a big role in creating.

My faith has also brought me far and is the reason I have more confidence to do some of the things I have always wanted to do but never had the faith to take that next step. I will always cherish my relationship with God as I go through life and I know He will open the doors for many other awesome opportunities in the future. I want everyone who has not had a relationship with God to find one because He will make your life so much easier and you can put all your faith in Him when times in your life get hard and stressful.

In these past three years, I have experienced academic progress as well. Because I have had the chance to meet so many wonderful people, through some of these acquaintances, many which have evolved into wonderful friendships, I have been presented opportunities, especially in music.

Since the release of the Lullaby for Columbine CD, I have been taking vocal training from Dr. Scott Martin and I thank Rachael Lampa for opening the door for that great opportunity. My training has been going very well and I have even been in the recording studio. This experience has also provided me the confidence to audition for Concert Choir at school, which resulted into a new and challenging reality for me. Among the many things that God has put in my path, my plan is to further my musical education and use my God-given talent in the future.

As for the friends I have made in the past three years, there is no way to express how grateful I am for their friendship. I can always talk to them about anything and I am honored that they are able to come to me for help whenever they are going through something hard. We always strengthen each otherís faith and I encourage other friends out there to do the same. Whether we are working on the websites, watching a movie or just hanging out, we support each other and I thank God for that. I am also trying to bring my friends from my former eighth grade class closer to God so they can also have a fulfilling and prosperous life.

I honestly canít wait to live the rest of my life. I am excited for the opportunities and experiences I will encounter in the future and where they will take me. This being the turning point in my life, I will take the past experiences I have had, many that Columbine brought me, and use them to learn and grow from. I know that God will always be there for me and I can always trust Him with my faith.

I see Columbine as a garden that was filled with beautiful life that suddenly and tragically died. Through the shock of such a tragedy, it has also unexpectedly given birth to new life that will blossom and continue to grow. In the years to come, the people who lost their lives at Columbine will go on to inspire people in so many ways that their own families will not be aware of. I believe this has begun to happen already. I also believe that the good that does come from it will be a source of comfort to them as the memory of their lost loved ones will always live on through this new life that has already brought redirection to so many. Perhaps this is the fundamental reason why "we will always remember".


Nina Tamburello is cofounder of the Lullaby for Columbine Project and has worked closely with the LFC staff in various activities and fundraisers for the project since its inception in 1999. She also worked with "The Gathering" in summer of 2000 in Ontario, California, where many of the Columbine families met for the first time with other families who lost a loved one through school violence. Nina also traveled to New York in November of 2001 to help bring healing after 9/11 with LFC's "Columbine Call" where she shared in a variety of community outreaches with a 20 member team that included author Beth Nimmo who lost her daughter, Rachel Scott at Columbine.

Nina is currently a senior at Littleton High School with plans to pursue a degree in music at a Christian university. She is in her third year studying voice with world-renowned Dr. Scott Martin (Rachael Lampa, Stacie Orrico, Peter Gabriel, Kenny Loggins) and was recently promoted to her school's concert choir, which plans to perform at Disneyland in spring of 2003.

Nina has a love for adventure and travel, enjoys a wide variety of music, The X-Files, and hanging out with friends.

If you enjoyed Nina's story and would like to contact her with thoughts or opinions, feel free to
email Nina.


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