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The culmination of five years of dedication and hard work met its apex on the evening of November 14th, 2003 when The Lullaby for Columbine Project held its long-awaited awards banquet at the Mount Vernon Country Club in the beautiful foothills overlooking Denver.

The event was personal and quite magical, and had a two-fold purpose of providing monetary awards to a variety of qualifying nonprofit organizations and to thank the many generous sponsors and volunteers for their contribution.

Among the many guests that attended the event were Columbine familes who lost their children in the Columbine tragedy who have nonprofit organizations, and a bevy of sponsors and volunteers who gave much of their time over a five year period to the endeavor.

The event was hosted ny KVOD's Jim Conder, who has had a heart for LFC's mission from its eariest days. His delivery was warm and spirited and helped make it a truly the memorable evening it was. Music was provided by the Jesse Ceci String Quartet, which played mostly Mozart while drinks and dinner was served.

The food was exquisite and was catered by the Mount Vernon Country Club. Featured was Prime Rib, Medallions of Lamb with Rosemary Mint Sauce, Southwest Chicken and Salmon.

The event lasted nearly four hours and opened with a prayer led by Pastor Brad Richardson who has served as a sort of "chaplain" to the project since it was conceived. The event then featured a moving ten minute video presentation created by LFC media professional Greg Gargan. The video showed many scenes of LFC's participation in the many functions throughout the last five years with various personnel at work against a backdrop of the moving theme song, "Lullaby for Columbine".

Founder and Executive Director Michael Tamburello then gave a fifteen minute address likening the stars that shone brightly that evening to each person sitting in the room. He spoke of the project's challenges and the faith that kept his team moving relentlessly forward and of the various milestone the organization achieved over a five year period.

"It is an evening that none of us will soon forget," reflects Tamburello. "For me personally, I will go to my grave with the awesome memories and experiences I had with so many wonderful people in the spirit of bringing faith, hope and love to a hurting community and beyond. It was truly once in a lifetime experience that changed my life."

Others who attended the event especially enjoyed the family-like atmosphere, especially when the numerous awards were presented. Tamburello, his daughter Nina, and LFC's board of directors handed out the monetary awards and Tamburello personally handed out beautifully made custom plaques bearing the LFC logo etched in glass honoring the contributions of many individuals, the majority which were present that evening.

The evening was a high point in the Lullaby for Columbine's legacy that will be long-remembered by all who attended. We thank those who helped us put the event together, especially Erin McNamara, the wonderful people at the Mount Vernon Country Club, Frontier Airlines, Alpine Trophies, Moltz Design, Penguin Digital, Greg Gargan and many others that personally gave of their time to make this evening a truly special one. To you, we are forever grateful!

Monetary Award Recipients

1.) Columbine High School Memorial Fund
Award Amount: $10,000

A permanent memorial for the slain students and teacher at Columbine has been approved for construction near Clement Park. This has been a long-awaited tribute the school and family members have planned as a part of the reconstruction effort at Columbine High School. They will begin fundraising for this project soon. Project contact is Executive Director, Robert A. Easton and details will be available by the end of Columbine High School's 2002/2003 academic year or shortly thereafter.

2.) Rachel Joy Scott Memorial Fund and Ministry
Award Amount: $10,000

Founded by Beth Nimmo, mother of slain Columbine student Rachel Scott, Rachel Joy Scott Ministries is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to reach young people through the legacy of their daughter whose life, death and faith has inspired young adults from around the world providing a vision of hope for preventing youth violence.

3.) John Tomlin Youth Scholarship Fund
Award Amount: $5,000

A fund was set up in the loving memory of Columbine victim John Tomlin Jr. in 1999 following the tragedy. The fund is explicitly designed to "help provide scholarships to youth who want to participate on short-term missions teams", both at home and abroad. The program is co-managed through the Foothills Bible Church in Littleton, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Yearly, the program financially assists students through partial scholarships that has resulted in sending over 200 young adults to locations worldwide to bring aid to impoverished communities through reconstruction projects. The program provides youth a unique opportunity for character development and acquiring leadership skill through giving to others less fortunate.

4.) Leaders Challenge
Award Amount: $5,000

Leaders Challenge is a Denver and Boulder based non-profit 501(c)(3) company providing leadership training to high school students. Recognized by Colorado Governor Bill Owens and many other civic leaders, their mission is to develop civic and service-minded young leaders by engaging them in a variety of charitable efforts to help their local communities.

Ministerial Youth Programs

Below are the churches that played an integral role in coming to the aid Columbine families and community as the tragedy unfolded. Since April 20th, 1999, they have continued to provide healing, moral and spiritual direction to thousands of high school students in the Columbine area through their dynamic youth programs that teach them how to examine the drives and motives of their hearts in order to make informed life decisions and affect the world in a positive way.

5.) Cassie Bernall Home for Children Las Lajas, Honduras
Award Amount: $2,000

6.) Trinity Christian Center (Youth Program)
Award Amount: $2,000

7.) West Bowles Community Church (Youth Program)
Award Amount: $2,000

8.) Light of the World Catholic Church (Youth Program)
Award Amount: $2,000

9.) St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Church (Youth Program)
Award Amount: $2,000

10.) Orchard Road Christian Center (Youth Program)
Award Amount: $2,000


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