Spring 2004/Final Issue

The experience has truly been life-changing for all of us and it will be remembered as an unforgettable season in our lives."

"...the joy for me personally has been the journey itself and all the wonderful friendships I have made—people whom I've grown quite fond of and who have impacted my life greatly. I am forever thankful."


Greetings again in this final edition of LFCNews Online. As they say, "all good things come to an end", and certainly, The Lullaby for Columbine Project has been truly a good thing. For a long time, we have worked diligently to reach the summit we now find ourselves at and are able to look out and see that our hard work was fruitful for many. Achieving any worthwhile goal is always satisfying. It also becomes another valuable learning experience that sharpens our ability to do the same thing again in the future.

It is also a time for giving thanks, first to our board of directors and advisory board, who have given so much of their time and resources through the years. Without them, we would still be stuck somewhere between the first and second chapter of what has become a thick novel. I also wish to thank our many corporate benefactors who kicked in over a quarter of a million dollars in in-kind products and services over the last five years. They have truly been a blessing to our project by generously fueling it with their resources.

I wish to also thank all the writers who have made LFCNews Online an informative and thought provoking online publication for so many. We have received tens of thousand of visits since its inception four years ago and look forward to touching more hearts long past this last issue as it will remain on the web indefinitely for posterity. We thank our readers for keeping it alive.

I also want to thank all of the many volunteers that helped us in the many events we participated in and provided us good representation.

We are proud of what LFC has been able to achieve with what started out with nothing more than a dream. It has been living proof to me that anything is possible when people apply faith and hard work towards a common, worthwhile goal.

Because of this, we have been able to play a meaningful role in various events in our community and beyond. One such event called "The Gathering" in Ontario, California, LFC co-sponsored, which brought together victim families from Columbine, Padukah, Jonesboro and other communities around the country who shared the common bond of losing a loved one through school violence.

Shortly after 9/11, we were able to bring healing from the Columbine community to the people of New York through The Columbine Call. The mission brought together a team of twenty individuals consisting of board members, pastors, volunteers and a Columbine victim's mother help console through various ministries such as The International Health Service Foundation and Campus Crusade for Christ.

There were other events locally such as The Jesus Run held in the summer of 2001 where we had booths at the Sheraton Inn South in the Denver Tech Center and at Clement Park along side K-LOVE Christian radio and Rebecca Saint James where Christian music was brought to the Columbine community.

That same year we also participated at Café Estes at the 2001 Seminar in the Rockies in Estes Park, a venue where LFC's Rachael Lampa was discovered.

We have also had the opportunity to have great news stories done on our project via national and local media, with the most recent story covering our awards banquet last November.

Most importantly are the kind visitors who have posted their heartfelt thoughts commenting on our project, our music and our mission. They are our supporters worldwide who share in our common bond to bring healing through love and music. It's beginning to sound like Woodstock or something, but essentially, that is what our project has been to many; a place where people can celebrate life through music in the shadow of America's worst school tragedy.

The keynote event in LFC's legacy was the Lullaby for Columbine Awards Banquet held last November where we donated nearly $50,000 to various churches and organizations in the Columbine community. Hosted by KVOD's, Jim Conder, it was a magical evening shared with such special guests as Beth and Larry Nimmo, Brad and Misty Bernall, John and Doreen Tomlin, and Bob Curnow to name a few. The event was a major milestone for LFC that all of us worked very hard to reach.

But the joy for me personally has been the journey itself and all the wonderful friendships I have made—people whom I've grown quite fond of and who have impacted my life greatly. I am forever thankful.

In the coming months, we will determine what the best options are in wrapping up our remaining inventory and business. We are also exploring other options for the dissolution or possible transfer of the organization to another qualified nonprofit organization. We wish to squeeze as much good out of the hard work we have put into the creation of LFC.

Both of our websites will continue to run indefinitely as an ongoing monument to our cause and to the Columbine families. Minor updates will be posted on LFCNews Online to keep you up-to-date on such changes.

As some of you may already know, for the last two years, I have played a role as creative director for racheljoyscott.com, a wonderful organization whose goals parallel that of LFC's with the unique qualification of being involved with youth ministry, a calling close to my heart. In the months to come, as my role with LFC diminishes, my involvement with them will continue to expand as I support the many wonderful things the families of the late Rachel Scott are doing in our community and across the country. I look forward to new horizons that await all of us and ask for your prayers in this pursuit.

As we have arrived at the fifth anniversary honoring the victims of Columbine, I look back on how far all of us have come in achieving a worthwhile goal with so many wonderful people. The experience has truly been life-changing for all of us and it will be remembered as an unforgettable season in our lives.

While our remaining business slowly draws to a close, the spirit of our mission will continue to live on every time a teen, parent or supporter from a far off place plays our CD. Our musical testimony of love, faith and healing will go on to powerfully illustrate for them that, when people join together to do good in the world, hope will prevail and it will renew their faith in mankind. It will ring upon their hearts that goodness reigns over evil.

And to the very special people who have touched our hearts and have endured so very much through their loss of their precious loved ones at Columbine, ' We Will Always Remember'.

God bless and thank you for all of your faithful support.

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Michael Tamburello


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