Fall/Winter 2002

A Feature Story by Ashley Fauls

Enjoying the Roses
Along the Way
A Special Message by
LFC Cofounder
Nina Tamburello

Sometimes, there are things that happen in your life that affect and transform you in a major way. Columbine was a tragedy, but many good things have come from it and I believe any tragedy can have something good from it and inspire people.

Spiritually, I have grown so much. Back in the eighth grade, which seems like eons ago, I attended a Christian school, but didnít have...

  My Columbine Story:
A Young Woman's Reflection
on Triumph over Tragedy
by Valerie Haile

A part of me would like to say that high school was the place I learned what talents I had, what dreams I could accomplish, and what my future could hold for me. But that is just not the way I entered it.

I was, in a sense, another misfit who spent time between classes at the smokers pit and questioned my teachers and my peers. I was in trouble several times
for smoking, drugs, and just flat out causing

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