Summer 2001


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View news stories done on our project by both local and national media. The end of each clip also features one of our television spots that were aired over many PAX stations across the country.


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ABC Channel 7 - Denver
Aired November 1, 1999

This noon-hour segment featured LFC founder Michael Tamburello and his daughter Nina with LFC artists
Court Shontz and Rachael Lampa being interviewed by TV host Wayne Herman.

CBS Channel 4 - Denver
Aired November, 1999

Produced and narrated by Steve Lusk, this special human interest segment was aired for the evening news and featured some of the contributors to the Lullaby for Columbine Project. Videography by Dale Atkinson.


CBN - 700 Club
Aired June 13, 2000

Produced and narrated by CBN's Pamela Newby, this special feature was aired thirteen months after the Columbine tragedy. It features interviews with Columbine survivors and members of the community including LFC founder Michael Tamburello who reflect on the aftermath of the Columbine tragedy.


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