Summer 2001


National Distribution Pays Off for the Lullaby for Columbine Project

After more than twice as much time had passed as originally planned for LFC's national distribution campaign through Musicland Corporation's nine-hundred plus music outlets, the financial news turned out to be better than expected when the final numbers came out in May from their headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Although only about 5,500 out of the 30,000 units of product were sold, LFC still netted over $52,000, a figure substantially greater than previously anticipated.

Although Musicland was not able to sell as much inventory as originally expected, LFC's board of directors remains pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the great people at Musicland who went way beyond the call to help sell as many CDs as possible across the country.

Considering also that LFC has zero debt and nearly a quarter of a million dollars remaining in its inventory, LFC's current financial status is quite favorable considering how challenging it is to start a nonprofit organization and keep it going through the first most difficult years. Although our plan was to have all fundraising and disbursements completed within two years, we are in a healthy position to remain functional for as long as necessary until at least all product has been profitably liquidated. While LFC is behind on its self-imposed timetable for fundraising as many of the initial opportunities to serve the Columbine community no longer exist or have evolved, other opportunities to meet their needs continue to surface. As we review where we can make the most meaningful impact at this juncture and in the future, we will begin planning disbursements to the Columbine community and provide continual updates on our progress in this area through LFCNews Online.

On an important sidebar, LFC received the remaining CD inventory from Musicland early this summer. Initially, we had great concerns over what would be the best alternative for future storage and distribution in Denver. But shortly before any LFC inventory was sent out from Musicland's facility in Franklin, Indiana, Doug Sampson of Acme Distribution, a major logistics firm that provides warehousing and distribution for major chain retailers, generously offered to lend their facilities and distribution support to LFC. We look forward to working with Doug and the great folks at Acme in serving the Columbine community in new and creative ways with our remaining CDs and are greatly appreciative for their role in helping us carry out our mission.

Note: We wish to also note that Bob Theisen of the Musicland Corporation, who caught the LFC vision back in 1999 and played a key role in making all of the local and national distribution possible for LFC, experienced a stroke in late spring of this year. We continue to wish Bob well and that he makes a full recovery. Our prayers are with him and his family and we thank him for having faith in our project and becoming part of the LFC team.

We also wish to thank Dieter Wilkenson who followed up on our account with Musicland and all of their other wonderful people like Tracie Dixon, Jennifer Janssen, Chris Thorn, Amy Walters, Patsy Runksheier, Dawn Walberg, Pat Sandin, and Dick Odette who did so much for us to help us in our mission.

Story by Michael Tamburello


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