Summer 2001


LFC Participates in Estes Park
Christian Music Event



Jaci Valasquez was among the many nationally recognized Christian artists who performed at this years "Praise in the Rockies" concerts featured at the "Seminar in the Rockies" in Estes Park, Colorado.
(Photo courtesy of
the Gospel Music Association)

LFC was invited to have a booth in this year’s “Seminar in the Rockies”, a weeklong event sponsored by the Gospel Music Association and held annually every summer that brings together Christian artists, songwriters and musicians to assist them in polishing their craft through seminars and one-on-one learning opportunities with some of the biggest names in the Christian music industry.

Among the many activities that took place at this year’s event that began on August 4 was “Café Estes”, a forum where budding Christian talent displayed their creative wares to seminar attendees and producers looking for the next great Christian act. Café Estes has recently gained some fame when LFC artist Rachael Lampa was discovered in there 1999. (Look for our feature story detailing how Rachael was discovered in the fall issue of LFCNews Online!)

Shauna Chanda, producer for the evening showcasing talent from the Academy of the Arts on August 6th, invited LFC to have a booth there to sell the Lullaby for Columbine CD, which featured some of the Academy’s talent including Rachael Lampa. While LFC was able to raise some money selling the CD, the event also provided some exposure for some of its talent.

The event stimulated some interest in the talents of LFC artist Court Shontz who joined Michael Tamburello and his daughter Nina. Court, who was performing some of his material for academy student Kayley Arvizu, attracted the ears of Justin Ungar, winner of last year’s vocal competition at the event who is currently forming a new band for the Atlantic Records label. Upon his return to his home in Littleton, Shontz put the finishing touches on a demo of some of his material at Ungar’s request so he could personally present his work for him to upper-management at the label. We keep our fingers crossed and our hands folded for Court and will keep you updated on his progress with this apparent opportunity to sign a possible record deal.

For LFC, the time spent at the seminar, which also featured some of the best Christian performers at their “Praise in the Rockies” concert series, it was fruitful and founder Michael Tamburello looks forward to participating again with his daughter in 2002.

Story by LFC News Staff


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