Summer 2001


A Dynamic Quarter Holds
Much Promise for LFC's Future

Good news and more good news!

Gees, this has been a whirlwind of a summer filled with lots of blessings! It's truly amazing how things will come together if you just let them happen instead of attempting to "make them happen", (which I have found often botches things up). Okay, enough of my "soapbox".

Most importantly, our national sales through the nine-hundred plus Musicland outlets has resulted more than 500% better than any of us originally had estimated. Our board of directors are extremely thankful to the Musicland Corporation for their generosity and working extra hard in helping us with our mission to help the Columbine families. To learn more about it, please read News Story #3 for the complete story. This is truly great news!

Secondly, although he will be greatly missed, Dan Barnhart has stepped down from serving on our board after a generous two year stint of offering incredible talent and vision to our endeavor. Dan, who is a key part of the advertising agency BarnhartCMI in Denver, through his wonderful staff Laurel Malenke, Christina-Robinson Brickley and others, developed our CD packaging, created our static website, provided press releases to the media and helped develop our radio and television spots. Since his departure, Dan has taken on other nonprofit projects to help benefit the community and we wish him well in all of his pursuits. I would also like to mention that Dan's work and that of his talented staff won two awards for their contribution to the Lullaby for Columbine Project in 2000! Congratulations again Dan and thank you so very much for your time, talent and most importantly, your heart to our cause.

On a related note, LFC gained two new members to the board. Erin McNamara, who helped us tremendously with funding for our national distribution (and is the best CD delivery person anywhere bar none) was elected in late spring. Recently, we also elected artist Linda Arnold to the board. Linda is most recognized for her powerful role with the Columbine families through her incredible talents both as an artist and as a compassionate person and we look forward to working with her in serving the Columbine families.

Thirdly, I would like to also invite you to check out two new pages that have been added to our website. First we have a new teen columnist, Aaron Delay, a Littleton High School graduate who has a real heart for teens. His column titled TeenTalk will be a regular feature in every issue of LFCNews Online. I encourage teens to visit his page and feel free to write him.

Another new page is our Streaming Video page that features many of the TV news stories that have been done on LFC over the past two years. The page also features some of our TV spots which were aired over many PAX stations across the country when we first launched our national campaign. The streaming video will automatically adjust to whatever bandwidth your ISP is providing via Surestream, which will yield you the best picture performance and quality possible on your system. LFC would like to especially thank Greg Hatstat for his magnificent work on the video editing and the creation of all the video clips for this new page. His generous support in lending his technical expertise is greatly appreciated and continues to keep LFC on the cutting-edge! Thanks Greg!

Lastly, we have been blessed to be a part of the JesusRun 2001 event being held here in Denver August 16 through the 18th where over 5000 will participate in various marathons to help raise funds for their favorite charities. The event also includes a Christian music festival that will feature Rebecca St. James, Anointed, The Katinas, Wes King, Shaded Red, and the talented Shauna Chanda who has played a silent role in helping others to learn more about our project. We will have a booth at the Marriott at the Denver Technological Center for two days to promote our project and provide information to people interested in running for LFC to raise money through donations. Each runner will receive a T-shirt with the slogan "I crossed the finish line for a Columbine!" printed on the front of it - something they will be proud to wear long after the event is over. We will also have a booth at the concert where we will be selling our CDs and posters. We are excited to be a part of this great Christian event and look forward to whatever harvest it may yield in helping us with our fundraising effort.

On a more personal note, I would like to let everyone know of the passing of a good friend of the Columbine community, Wytze Woudstra, whose life was unexpectedly taken from us June 29, 2001. Wytze played a meaningful role in the aftermath of the Columbine tragedy counseling many of the students who lost their friends there. He was a dear friend and neighbor who was always so generous with his time and resources. I encourage everyone to visit the Alpine Christian Services link, also listed on our Columbine Iinks page, to learn more about his work in the area of helping abused children, and the website of the Littleton Hawks to learn more about his contribution to kids through hockey. We express our heartfelt sympathy to his family and pray for God's strength and guidance in their lives at this difficult time. Wytze was a gift to us all and our lives have been truly blessed because of him.

God has truly been good to us this summer and I am encouraged by the faith and hard work of our board members and supporters for hanging in there with us through the "thick and the thin". We will keep you updated on our progress with everything. As we approach another new school year, keep our youth in your prayers that this becomes a more peaceful season that results in an end to school violence. I believe it can happen, but it must begin with each one of us in our daily routine with our families and friends.

God bless,

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Michael Tamburello


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