Summer 2001

Managing Editor
Michael Tamburello

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Erin McNamara
Greg Hatstat

Sue Goode
Linda Arnold
Aaron Delay
Craig Scott

David Vande Velde

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Earl Berglund
Robert Berglund

Cindy Marotta

Erin McNamara
Linda Arnold

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Dr. Ed Cannava
Krista Flannigan
Jason Hickman
Phil Lawson
Kevin McGraw
Bradford Richardson
Brian Sheehan
Marianne Van Doorn-Vito
Todd Antons
Greg Hatstat

Public Relations
Media Group

Legal Counsel
Karen Schauble-Leaffer

LFCNews was created to share the progress of the Lullaby for Columbine Project from the sales of its CD and companion poster and its ongoing role in bringing healing to the Columbine community.  Our audience consists of project partners and co-sponsors, artists, production practitioners, board members, supporters who purchased our products, and anyone interested in our endeavor and the Columbine tragedy in general.

The primary goal for our online publication is to foster unity within our organization and the Columbine community at large. Our newsletter also serves as an open forum for expression where people especially affected by the Columbine tragedy can share their feelings and experiences connected with it to promote healing.  We encourage you to write to us and share your thoughts on our project and welcome any stories of hope and healing for possible publication in the future.

To learn more about the Lullaby for Columbine Project, its complete mission statement and about the wonderful people who share in our vision, please visit our main website at:   We encourage you to visit our site where samples from our benefit CD can also be heard.  While visiting, we encourage you to check out our guestbook and leave a message for the Columbine Community. If you would like to contact us, you may do so at our Write To Us page.

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