Spring 2001

"...we counted our blessings in the number of web hits we received which we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t participated in the Grammys.”

- LFC Producer,
Michael Tamburello

Four-time Dove Award nominee for 2001, Rachael Lampa, begins touring with Christian artists Stacie Orrico and Plus One this year marking it her first major tour in her career since her CD, "Live for You", released last summer with Word Records.


"All That Glitters
is not Simply Golden":
Awards Presentations Bring More
than Shiny Statuettes

LFC’s participation in this year’s 43rd Grammys was fruitful in spite of joining the majority who were not elected for a nomination or to receive an award.

“Honestly, although it would have been nice, none of us ever expected to receive a nomination or walk away with anything golden on Grammy night”, said LFC producer, Michael Tamburello. “We entered because we felt we owed it to the vast array of wonderful talent on our CD to participate. After all, we had nothing to loose and everything to gain should we had at least grabbed a nomination. More importantly, any exposure we might have gained from such a high-visibility event, something that I felt was inevitable, could only be of benefit to us.”

As it turned out, LFC received an increase of hits on an average of over thousand percent on both of its websites. While the number of hits were still in figures comfortably below a thousand per day during the week of the Grammys, Tamburello said that the increase in exposure is was great and that he was elated to interest from around the world in what LFC is all about.

“I was especially impressed by the fact that the referring pages came from major search engines where anyone who typed in ‘Grammy 2001’ or something similar, would find us on the very first page about five or six URL’s down from the top!” Tamburello exclaimed. “This was especially the case with intelligent search engines like Google which bases their results on a number of parameters such as tracking what sites visitors loyally visit more than once.”

From an awards standpoint, not walking away with anything "golden" put LFC in good company as Rachael Lampa, lead singer on LFC’s flagship song, “We Will Always Remember”, didn’t receive a nomination as many expected. “Although she might be young and new, I had anticipated that Rachael would be nominated or receive an award at this year's Grammys. With such an incredible voice, my daughter, who’s a real fan of her’s, was disappointed to not find her name even among the nominees”, Tamburello continued.

Tamburello believes Rachael will have “her moment in history” at this year’s 32nd Annual Dove Awards sponsored by the Gospel Music Association where she recently received four nominations including Artist of the Year.

“With talent as incredible as Rachael’s, it’s just a matter of time before she finds herself being honored among the very best of her musical peers", he said. "I believe the important thing for all artists to remember is that, whatever level you're at, a dedicated songwriter and musician is a winner if he or she can touch hearts as all of our artist’s did."

Tamburello also notes on how the Christian market has greatly expanded. "Most impressive is the increased popularity of Christian music and that it has attracted top quality talent from many areas of the musical spectrum including classic rock greats such as Mark Farner, formerly of "Grand Funk Railroad", who has been on the Christian music scene for years and is enjoying a comeback with his 1992 song, "Isn't It Amazing". Today we’re also seeing more teens embracing Christian music and many new teen artists who are making their break at an early age such as Rachael, Stacie Orrico and vocal group Plus One

Gospel Music Association President Frank Breeden who announced this year’s nominees for the 32nd Annual Dove Awards in Nashville commented, “The best story in Christian music in 2000 was the unprecedented success our industry saw in breaking new talent. The nominations for this year’s New Artist of the Year category reflect artists who achieved the highest sales for a class of debut albums in our industry’s history. Our industry’s maturity is also displayed as these accomplishments occurred across a wide spectrum of musical styles.”

Tamburello encourages, “In a world as competitive as the music industry, Christian or otherwise, one’s enthusiasm to walk away with an award is quickly tempered by the amount of incredible talent there is out there in all areas including music production. For anyone who is thinking about making their break in music, they need to approach it realistically, but with complete heart. The important thing is not to loose sight of your dream and that the real ‘award’ is in simply enjoying what you do as an artist, and doing it well. Award presentations such as the Grammy or Dove awards are just the icing on the cake that may or may not be served for desert in your career. The thing that matters most is staying-power and counting your blessings along the way. For LFC, we counted ours in the number of web hits we received which we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t participated in this years Grammy Awards.”

For the Lullaby for Columbine Project, blessings large or small continue to come in many different ways! For Rachael, we wish her the very best on April 26th in Nashville!.

Story by LFC News Staff


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