Spring 2001


Surplus Opens Doors of Opportunity
An Important Message to all of our Supporters

Reflecting back on the many blessings our project has received, most notably has been the incredible generosity of Sony Disc Manufacturing and USA Video Interactive. We continue to be thankful for their support in going beyond the call of giving toward helping us fulfill our mission.

Sony, which joined us early in our cause, manufactured discs for our statewide release in November of 1999 with all costs donated in-kind and then again stepped up to the plate to manufacture another 32,000 units at cost to accommodate our national release in April of 2000. The national release, in which 30,000 units went toward fulfilling the Musicland Corporation’s order for nearly a thousand stores across the country was made possible by a generous donation of $25,000 by USA Video Interactive.

Everyone’s vision was to raise as much money as possible through the national release, which LFC anticipated would raise about $300,000. On a humble budget of less than $10,000, LFC made a prudent attempt to promote the CD through it’s point-of-purchase advertising distributed with the CDs and through television promotion donated by over a dozen PAX affiliates to raise public awareness of our CD. In spite of our promotional efforts, we did not reach our goal.

To date, the Musicland Group, which kindly extended its initial window to sell the CD from three months to nearly nine months, recently informed us that less than two-thousand units were sold in all of it’s Sam Goody, Mediaplay, and On Cue outlets across the country.

In addition to the CDs, we have over a thousand of the beautifully designed posters by Star Wars illustrator Drew Struzan still remaining.

There are any number of variables which could have contributed to this and our questions have ranged from “Did we do enough to promote our CD?” to “Have people lost interest in helping out the Columbine families?” Although we worked very hard to get the word out, we believe that the answer is probably somewhere in the middle, and at a time when we were looking toward soon retiring our fundraising effort, we now find ourselves at the threshold of a new challenge, and new opportunity.

Among several viable options, the one we believe is most productive toward reaching our target beneficiaries is providing our products to other nonprofit organizations at little or no cost whose goals are aligned with one or more elements of our mission statement and who have an existing structure in place that could effectively sell them.

Over the last several months, I have met with several Columbine families who are in the process of putting their own nonprofit organizations together that could benefit greatly from such an arrangement. In fact, this approach would be ideal as it would help the Columbine survivors “help themselves”. In the months to come, this kind of partnership will be our primary focus before we look to other organizations outside of the Columbine community.

Whatever direction we end up pursuing, the important thing to recognize is that our surplus is an asset. LFC owns the CDs outright and there is nothing owed on them as they have already been paid for. As I believe it was Divine Providence that made it possible for us to have them in the first place, we believe there is more to this blessing than we originally perceived when we first launched our national campaign. On behalf of all of us at LFC, we are committed to rising to the challenge to meet our objectives and help make the world a better place for those who have endured such an incredible loss and to support causes involved with healing and violence prevention.

We thank everyone for their undying support throughout the many months we have worked together and look forward to a productive resolve at this important phase in our mission. In light of the shootings that continue to plague our nation’s schools, the importance of efforts such as ours is painfully obvious as there is so much left that all of us can to do. If you have a need that meets our criteria which we could partnership, feel free to contact me personally through any one of several means provided on our "Write to Us” page.

To those who are graduating this spring at Columbine and high schools throughout the country, all of us at LFC congratulate you in this important milestone in your life and encourage you to go into the world with hope and heartfelt commitment to make the world a better place.

God bless,

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Michael Tamburello

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

Galatians 6:9

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