May/June 2000

Part One of a three
part story excerpted
from an upcoming
new book by Sue
Goode about the
many blessings that
have come out of the
Columbine tragedy

Fourteen-Year-Old Star of LFC Tune Rising Up the Chart!

Opportunity knocked real hard on the door of Rachael Lampa who debuted on our flagship song "We Will Always Remember". Good thing she was well prepared and answered it.

CBN Nationally Airs LFC Interview Friday, June 9th on 700 Club

On Friday, June 9th, CBN will nationally air a segment about the Lullaby for Columbine Project which features an interview with Executive Producer and LFC’s founder, Michael Tamburello, covering the spiritual aspects of his inspiration and involvement with the project.

PAX Steps Up to the Plate with LFC with Television Promo

LFC is being promoted by PAX stations in seventeen major markets including New York, Seattle and Los Angeles which agreed to air LFC’s recently produced PSAs.

Musicland provides Distribution to over Nine-Hundred Stores Nationwide with a Little LFC Teamwork

One of the most daunting aspects of any independent CD release is national distribution. Through its nine hundred and twenty-two Sam Goody, MediaPlay and One-Cue retail music outlets, the Musicland Corporation, under a generous agreement made earlier this year, worked around the clock to get the LFC CD just in time for the April 20th Columbine Anniversary.

Ontario, California Prepares for Gathering Expo

"’Why’ is a question that has become sickeningly familiar to us. It is a question that we have asked ourselves every time the unspeakably tragic news of school violence has reached our families, our towns, our televisions. We have asked ourselves why, we have asked the perpetrators why, we have asked God why.

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