July/August 2000

Part Two of a story excerpted from
an upcoming
new book by Sue
Goode about the
many blessings that
have come out of the
Columbine tragedy

Victims of School Violence Find The Gathering Inspirational with Plans to Make it an Annual Event

The first national meeting of the victims and survivors of school violence in Ontario, California was a success. Sponsored by the Ontario Police Department, it officially began on August 4th with a midday press conference at the Ontario Airport Marriott where local politicians, business people, project organizers and victims of school violence spoke.
An LFC Follow-up Story

Star of Lullaby for Columbine Releases Debut CD with Word Entertainment

Rachael Lampa released her long awaited debut CD with Word Entertainment on August 1st titled, "I Will Live For You", and on that same night appeared on the Jay Leno Show. Not a bad start for a fifteen-year-old girl who is just beginning to make her tracks in the music industry - and big tracks many believe she will go on to make!
Columbine Survivor Shares his Story on The Gathering
by Columbine Survivor, Mike Johnson

To me the Gathering was an experience that changed my perspective of school shootings. Before, everybody I knew who went through the things I did were from Columbine. The only people we have had the opportunity to communicate with have been in very similar situations. When we talk about shootings here we think Blue and Silver, Black Trenchcoats, and the library.

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